my first wishlist is to be a photographer and get a CANON(any type will do lah). tapi aq takde digital camera, hahahah . till today, i only had ringgitmalaysia5 in my savings (since 2010) ;(
kalau lah aq ade kamera tuh, mesti aq hepi gile gabak. aq takde men lappy lagi kot. maybe aq busy belek2 kamera tuh je. sampai bawak pegi tido tuh. and there once, mase aq jenjalan kat citysquare ngan tuuutt, aq nampak ade dak pompuan ramai2 nih, bawak digital camera meyh. tapi macam nak mnunjok pon ade. haiisyy, takpe lah, korang kan anak orang kaye. harte 7 keturunan tak abes makan. but i'm really jealous ngan dorang, senang2 je dapat kamera tuh. ermm, but then i realize, no pain no gain. to get what i want, i have to work hard and be patient. life is not a fairytale. you can get what you desired for in a blink of an eyes. kan kan? i've had do some search on GOOGLE, and i'm really amazed with the fascinating photos by the professional photographer. it really a breathtaking to see how they can snap a beautiful view in just less than a minute. although for a stationary or moving objects. and one of my favourite is a wedding photo (ehem2). hahahh. i don't think there's a suitable word to describe how amazed and mesmerized i am everytime i see a wedding photos. with the view and the smile appear in those faces, and the best part is when the bride and her groom looking at each other, smiling. ouhh SO SWEET! erpp, looks like i'm over the limit. hahahh my mistake. there's someone, she's my facebook friends. and she really mesmerized me with her beautiful photos. which is a photographer style. best nye jadi dye, sebab boyfriend dye photographer. i wish i could be like her. how lucky she is! and here is what i'm longing for :)

it must be a canon!

and these photo's i taken from the national geographic website :

Photo: Vietnamese fruit vendor sits near a fruit stall

Photo: Woman’s face hidden by cloth

Photo: Dancers at a temple

Photo: Lowland gorillas napping

Photo: Girl stands in doorway

Photo: Woman walks through mosque

Photo: Family of whooper swans in tall grass

165 CM