hey, i need someone to talk to but there's no one. so i'm doing an entry. ;D

let's replay how did i know u.
we were texting after we're change phone num. [normal la tuh =.='' ]
and after a few days u're calling me sayang and call me at the midnite, 
sing that song, how wonderful that moment is. 
yet, we were still friends then, 
so u asked me to be yours.
i would like to, but i don't think u're really mean it.
for i am a fool, i still say yes even half of me told me not to do so.
orite, imma DUMB.

and u're change after that, i'm expecting that
but i'm not ready for it.
u're tell me about her, and i'm just smiling.
sayang, i wish i was her, so we don't have to be like this.

so, it breaks one day and we're split :)
i keep looking at my hp if there were a text from u,
there's not.
silly me, why should u, we're not in a relationship anymore.

all of sudden, a lot of missed call and some text.
i knew it was u, i really miss u.
i read it, again and again.
it really means a lot to me.
u promise to be a better man, so we give it one more chance.
yes, u're changes.

i'm not hoping for an everlasting.
it's hard for me. 

haa, what a relief ~

tu jek la. 
xoxo <3

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