the last day of raya at cik yan's house.
we had dinner, eat lot's of food over and over and over again.
i've keep complaining about my cheeks getting pudgy,
the belly just full with "babat",

and u've just said, 
i don't want you to be skinny,
i love the way u are,
and by the way,
u're "babat" is seksi sayang.

auuww so sweatt, 
u also seksi with those buncit belly of yours byy.
i know even though i've already stated this kat blog,
yet after this for sure thambyy will keep asking the same question.

perut by buncit tapi cumel kan?

err, haa ye lahh, memang perut thamby sorg je yg qiut miut. 
and as mama always said, 
"mama sayang acap, baybee, deqdam same rate."
so takde point la kalau pasni kite nak gado mama sayang siape paling banyak.
tapi kalau baybee kat lendu dah memang sah2 lahh mama sayang baybee paling banyak.
kan mama kan kan. aummm!
sebab baybee kan jauh. 

yeaaayy mama sayang baybee banyak. *narinari
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