hey there stranger.
tenks for yesterday, yep u can see i really can't make it to look into your eyes.
u've make me melted dude.
i love the way u staring at me.

hahah, maluuww ~

u make me smile, look like a fool.
speechless in front of you,
like, i'm really CLUMSY in front of you man, and u're just giggling around.
orite, i'm a bit blush then.
tenks for give me those butterflies and  i'm still feelin' em' dancing gracefully today.

i love the orange bangles. 
sooo cuuteee lahhh hunny <3
i am wearing it now, woww perfectly match with my dark skin tone.

u're so cute when u giggles!
and when u said i'm cute when i'm smile, hahah. *ouhh mann!
tenks for "super-savering" for me.
u really make my day full with rainbows.
u're rock dude!

love yuu :*


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